The step by step process of our parking charge notice is very easy to understand, we have laid it out below to make sure you have all the information you need to deal with your parking charge notice effectively.

Parking Charge Notice Served We supply car parking management services to private landowners. By entering and remaining on the land you agree to abide by all of the parking rules and regulations. Breach of any of the terms and conditions may result in the driver being liable for a parking charge of £100.00.

Opportunity to Dispute The registered keeper/driver can dispute the PCN. You MUST include on all communication, the PCN number, vehicle registration, name and address. Appeals must be in writing either by post or via the online appeal form. To make an online appeal follow this link – Intelipark do not deal with appeals over the telephone.

Payment on Notice Full payment made before the 14-day deadline will be reduced to £60.00, after which it increases to £100.00. Once payment is received no further action will be taken. If the PCN remains unpaid, after 28 days it is sent to our collection department, additional charges will be added at this point. To make a payment follow this link

Collection Of Debt Once a PCN has reached 28 days or older from the date of the contravention and/or no appeal has been received, or where an appeal has been received but declined and 28 days have accrued thereafter. PCN’s are sent to our debt collection department where additional charges will be added.