pay and display systems

Pay & Display
Intelipark can provide, install and maintain pay and display systems for any size of parking facility, whether it’s a multi storey car park or a single level parking area.
  • Our Pay & Display systems use the latest high performance technology.
  • Integral vehicle sensors monitor entry and exit terminals with barriers.
  • Our systems feature a choice of parking payment options
  • Fully integrated ANPR for ticket matching, pre-booked parking etc
manned parking facility patrol

Manned Parking Facility Patrol
We can provide manpower for active parking facility patrol to monitor vehicles using the facility.
  • Security guarding to ensure vehicles left at the facility are safe.
  • Fair useage checks to ensure that patrons park sensibly.
  • Ticket checks to make sure patrons have paid correctly.
  • Assitance provision if patrons need help using pay and display machines or with entry/exit barriers.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems use the very latest vehicle number plate scanning techniques and are very reliable and accurate whilst also being cost effective.
  • Monitor any dedicated off-street parking facility
  • Install at Retail Parks, Hotels, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Leisure Facilities etc.
  • Facilitate access or exit barrier control.
self ticketing systems

Self-Ticketing Systems
Self-ticketing systems enable clients to confidently and safely manage their own parking facilities. Parking charge notices can be issued by the client according to their specific requirements according to their parking facility layout. Ticket issuing is fast and uncomplicated resulting in a cost effective process. Should you require help with the self-ticketing system at any time, you can call upon the assistance of our professional enforcement team who operate discretely and confidentially at all times.

parking surface management

Carpark Surfacing & Lining
If your parking area surface needs preparing from scratch or just resurfacing or the individual spaces need marking/re-marking with heavy duty paint, speak to one of our experts for an extremely competitive quote. Our parking surface team use the very latest equipment and techniques to ensure a long lasting, high quality finish. If you need us to design your parking area layout, our team are experts at maximising use of the available space whilst making it simple and straightforward for users to correctly navigate and park in the area.
Pay Your PCN

Pay Your Parking Charge Notice (PCN)
A PCN will be issued to the owner of a vehicle if it was parked on private property in contravention of the site parking restrictions as displayed on the signs on-site or according to a permit. The charge of £100.00 should be paid within 28 days of the date of issue displayed on the PCN document. A reduced amount of £60.00 will be accepted if payment is received within 14 days of the date of issue of the PCN. If payment has not been received within 28 days from the date of issue, the vehicle keepers details will be requested from the DVLA and may be followed by further legal action whereby solicitors will be instructed and this will result in further costs being due.