Appealing A PCN

If you intend to appeal against this Parking Charge Notice, you should do so within 28 days of the date of issue. Please note, if your appeal is not received until after the 14 day period during which the reduced rate is in effect, then you will be appealing against the higher rate of £100.00

Write to:

Unit 49
186 Saint Albans Road
WD24 4AS

All correspondence must include your full name, your address, the name and address of the driver (if different), the vehicle registration and the PCN number. All appeals against a PCN are carefully considered and you will receive a response within 28 days. Charges are put on hold until an appeal decision has been reached. It is important that you supply as much evidence as you can to support your appeal. If we reject the appeal, you will be provided with the contact details for an independent appeals service. (POPLA) and given a unique appeal reference. POPLA will not accept your appeal if you have not appealed to us beforehand.

Please be advised if you choose to appeal to the independent appeals service and your appeal is unsuccessful then you will lose the right to pay at the reduced rate.

As we are unable to submit verbal evidence before a court, we are unable to deal with any telephone enquiries with regards to an appeal of your PCN.