About Intelipark


The Intelipark team have a great many years of valuable experience in the parking industry. We have the skills, experience and technological knowledge required to cater for any demand from any industry sector requiring parking security and parking enforcement services. We deliver a high standard of effective, professional solutions for any parking facility whether it’s for a small hotel or an extensive retail park.

Our talented team are all committed to the provision of new and emerging parking payment and monitoring technologies. We have an established UK customer base which includes many local authorities, retailers, transportation businesses and parking facility operators. They rely on Intelipark to provide effective solutions which improve efficiency and provide a significant return on initial investment.

Intelipark is the parking technology partner of choice, with an impressive proven track record of continued success. Our parking systems integrate into almost all aspects of life in towns and cities, putting the right information and services within the reach of citizens and making it far more simple for local businesses and authorities to build a sustainable future.

You can speak to a member of our team about:

  • Automation of ticket issuing and payment collection systems
  • Real time information, ticketing and payment systems
  • Self ticketing systems
  • Mobile payment platforms
  • Parking area surfacing and painting
  • Back office systems enabling customers to control and manage all parking facility operations
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